Vision statement

Our school provides grounding in the Christian Faith for all its children with emphasis on collective worship as part of its daily life. Christian values are built into the ethos and teaching of our school with the support of all Governors and staff for its Christian foundation. We also seek to encourage an understanding and respect for other world faiths.

We value and will continue to strengthen links between school, home and parish. Through these aims the school hopes to encourage all children to develop their maximum potential.

Our vision statement is: 


"The family of St Luke and St Philip’s will ensure excellence is encouraged, minds are opened, diversity is embraced, respect is expected and talents are nurtured under the umbrella of God’s love."

Mission statement

St Luke & St Philip’s is an open friendly learning community founded on Christian Values, whilst always welcoming and including other faiths and cultures. In our school everybody is valued and has a voice. In partnership with the church and all stakeholders we aim to equip our children to live safe, healthy fulfilling lives, enabling them to shine today and in the future.