A Church School – Different and Special

How is a church school different and special?

We hope to help children to grow in Christian life and love as they move from class to class.

How do we help children grow as Christians?

We teach them the stories about Jesus, and the beautiful stories Jesus told, the parables. We get them used to praying in different ways.

We have a very good music staff, so we teach them Christian songs and hymns, old and new. We especially remember Jesus’ last supper, the crucifixion and his rising from the dead. We try to foster a sense of wonder and excitement in the children.

Do the children worship in church?

There is a Christian assembly every day in school. The children come down to church to worship on special days.

Am I welcome to take part?

You are welcome to come to any of the acts of worship in church or in school.

So there are strong church – school links?

Yes, very strong. There is great friendship between church members and school staff, and the school staff are very supportive of the church in many different ways.

Does the church have a Sunday School?

Yes, and Rainbows, Brownies and Guides. For whom to contact see the church information page or you can ring me on 676615

Life for many people is very difficult. There is so much that can make you bitter, angry, or desperate. The Christian way is no easy solution. Jesus said that it would be a steep and narrow path. But so many people speak about feeling better when they have been to church. I hope that people may discover something of God in our church.

Come and see and be welcome.

Yours in Christ. St Luke’s Church Clergy.