Courageous Advocacy

By way of a working definition, when using the term ‘courageous advocacy’ we are referring to the act of speaking out against an issue of injustice, often on behalf of those whose voice is not heard. Speaking out, at whatever level this takes place, requires an element (and sometimes a great deal) of courage! Becoming a courageous advocate for change, therefore, must involve being informed about an issue and it must move beyond simply knowing, to saying and doing. Educating for courageous advocacy must embody an ethos of action-taking, challenging injustice and becoming agents of change in the transformation of ourselves, our relationships and our communities from the local level to the global.


"Speak up for people who cannot speak for themselves.

 Protect the rights of all who are helpless”

Proverbs 31.8

23/24 - Autumn Term 


This term a group of children in year 5 have been reading, Don’t Tell Mum, I made a Mammoth as part of Lancashire’s Fantastic Book Awards. 



The children are loving reading the book about climate change and decided they wanted to play their part in helping the environment. This afternoon, the group designed and delivered recycling leaflets offering ways the local community can play their part in creating a cleaner and safer environment. 



At St Luke’s, we understand that life can be challenging at times and that all people, including friends, family and global citizens will face difficulties that they need help to persevere with in order to overcome them. We aim to inspire courageous advocacy and instil our Christian Values in the whole St Luke and St Philip’s community. To ensure that we and our community give, inspire and flourish together, we have been and are supportive of a range of charities in our local area, nationally and globally. Some of these include:



  • Children in Need

  • Comic Relief

  • Sports Relief

  • Macmillan Cancer Support

  • The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

  • Harvest Festival Food Donations.

  • Blackburn Food bank

  • Benefit Mankind

  • Make A Wish UK

23/24 - Spring 1



Jesus spoke up for people who were disadvantaged, disempowered and ignored by their communities. Children are encouraged to reflect on Jesus’ actions to influence their own values, judgments and courageous choices. Pupils are encouraged to develop their sense of respect and justice, and grow in courage “to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8).


It is important for children to appreciate their role as part of a community; to take responsibility, to be able to look after themselves and to foster an understanding of their importance, impact and influence in the world.


Our courageous advocates in year 6 have been busy writing letters to our local care home in an attempt to combat loneliness amongst care home residents. By unleashing their creativity as they send letters to care homes, children hope to bring happiness to the elderly residents living in care homes and form wonderful and lasting friendships.


Our next steps: 

In year 6, our aim for the future is to meet with some of the elderly members of the local community and build a partnership with them. 

Our mission is to bring together different generations within the community to learn from one another, share stories and music and have some fun! 


See below for pictures

23/24 Spring 2

Following on from their letters, our courageous advocates in year 6 decided that it would be a good idea to take the letters and read them to the residents. Year 6 had an enriching afternoon as they were immersed listening to the stories and memories of the residents. Not only was this experience rewarding, pupils were able to form positive relationships through new social interactions.