Our Online Safety leader is Mrs Sanderson who is also our Year 3 Teacher.

Online Safety

Mrs L Sanderson

Mrs L Sanderson

Online Safety Leader



Technology is at the very centre of all our lives today - especially our children's. Learning how to use technology wisely is an essential skill for life and learning in the 21st century. However at a time when there is increased access to numerous different technology platforms, many children are at a greater risk of online grooming, cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate or illegal content online. At St Luke and St Philip's we believe that both school and parents/carers need to work in partnership in order to safeguard children from harm online.

At St Luke and St Philip's we believe that promoting online safety plays a critical role in protecting our pupils online and as a result pupils are taught about how to stay safe and how to behave appropriately online. We have extensive security measures in place which keep children safe whilst using technology in school. Our filtering platform is Netsweeper (https://www.netsweeper.com/education-web-filtering-schools). This is managed by On247 who are our connectivity partners and administrators, and internet usage is monitored by our internet support company Dataspire, our Senior Leadership team and our Governors, to help safeguard our children from potential dangers or unsuitable materials.










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Online Safety

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Please click the image below to see our recent update on Squid Game and how to keep your child safe.

Where can children access support? Click this link for further details.