Why do we need a School Council?

For many years all the decisions about school were made by adults.

We know that children at St. Luke's and St. Philip's Primary School have lots of good ideas about how to make school an even better place to be.

By being on the School Council you will are able to help the adults in your school make the right decisions about your school.

Who is on the School Council?

Each year, a representative and deputy are elected from Years 2 - 6 to represent their class at School Counil meetings. 

What is the job of the School Council?

  • To go to School Council meetings and share your ideas to listen to other children’s ideas.
  • To lead your class through the Smart School Council meeting weekly.
  • To use the ideas and views of your classmates to the School Council meeting.
  • To be involved in activities that the School Council runs.
  • To display our school values and be a role model to other children in the school and community.