At St Luke and St Philip’s we are proud of being a Church academy at the heart of our local community – a place where everyone is valued, respected and encouraged to develop resilience and confidence. Our strong ethos strives to ensure that each pupil achieves their very best. 

  • Academically – through a knowledge rich, focussed and sequenced curriculum.
  • Culturally – through an extensive programme of extra curricular activities and visits.
  • Spiritually – through an ethos of interdependence that flows through the life of both the academy and the wider community.

Our exciting and enquiry based curriculum is designed to both engage and challenge our pupils to develop creative and independent thinking through strong oracy skills. We endeavour to nurture a thirst for learning in all our pupils. 

The broad content of the curriculum is enriched by covering a wide range of subjects, talents and future careers. We realise that in order for our pupils to lead in tomorrow’s world they will need to demonstrate compassion, understanding, empathy and innovation.

Success, progress and celebration are very much at the heart of what we do; we look forward to sharing this ever evolving journey with you all.