Our Pupils’ perspective:

In Computing, we learn how to get the most from technology so we can use it in the future.


Subject Lead

Mrs Alli is our Computing Lead in school. She is the driving force behind the newly established Digital Leader Team and an effective Online Safety Lead. 

Mrs Alli loves all things tech. She understands how fast technology moves, and she likes to keep up with the times, bringing new ideas and equipment into our school to use in all areas of the curriculum. She wants to ensure children leave our school digital literate, expressing themselves and developing their ideas through information and computer technology, equipping them for the future.


Subject Intent

In Computing, talents are discovered and nurtured through the use of technology and access to the online world. Values are embedded, diversity is acknowledged and accepted, and respect is expected through our actions using modern technology and in the virtual world. Our children will continue to encapsulate our school scripture, portraying their worthy and unique selves in their digital lives.

Computing has an increasingly significant impact on all aspects of modern living. Our children will become aware of this both in and out of school. We aim to ensure that the pupils at St Luke and St Philip’s receive an education which takes account of the relevance of Computing in our society. Through following the progression of skills and capabilities, our children will be able to use a variety of technology confidently and effectively. They will also learn to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to a variety of curricular areas.


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