Our Pupils’ perspective

In History, we learn we about the good and bad things that have happened in the past and we now know how these things influence how we live today


Subject Leader

Mrs Patel is our History Lead in school. She loves to learn about the past, exploring historical places around the world when she goes travelling. She is fascinated by how history has shaped the way we live today; legislation, rules and regulations all influenced by happenings years ago. She loves to research the different civilisations- her passion for history evident in the exciting and engaging curriculum she has developed bespoke to our school. 


Subject Intent

In History minds will be opened through historical enquiry and diversity is embraced, within the different areas of History we study. Excellence is encouraged in all our lessons as talents are nurtured through a variety of activities and respect is expected as we explore different historic cultures. 

The curriculum -

●       follows the National Curriculum as its foundation.

●       has been personalised to meet the needs of our pupils, ensuring learning is meaningful and in context with our pupils’ lives

●       follows a sequence that builds on knowledge and skills throughout and across the key stages

●       ensures knowledge is retained through the high quality teaching of a broad vocabulary as starters at the beginning of lessons.

●       ensures chronology is embedded through short activities at the beginning of each lesson.


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