Our Pupils’ perspective:

In Read, Write Inc, we learn our letter sounds and how to read and write.


Subject Leader

Mrs. Patel is  our dedicated Read, Write Inc  lead who inspires young minds through the power of books. At our school, we prioritise early reading as the foundation for academic success and personal growth. Our experienced staff create an engaging environment that sparks curiosity and cultivates a lifelong passion for reading. With Mrs. Patel at the helm, our children develop confidence and skills, exploring a world of words. We celebrate each milestone and nurture every child's progress. Mrs. Patel and our passionate teachers provide personalised instruction, catering to individual learning styles and abilities.


Subject Intent

We believe that phonics opens young minds. Through RWI, we provide the essential building blocks of learning, making the journey towards fluent literacy more accessible and enjoyable. We strive to cultivate a love for reading that offers an escape from the demands of the modern world. During our daily RWI sessions, we not only prioritise  excellence providing  support for children in developing their decoding, comprehension, and fluency skills.  Recognising the uniqueness of each child, we create an inclusive environment that nurtures all talents. We embrace diversity and ensure that every child, regardless of their background or language, achieves success.  Collaboration and mutual respect are the foundations  of our approach, as we strive to develop  healthy relationships and embody the principles of our school's scripture through our ‘actions and true caring’.


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