Our uniform is based around Post Office red and grey.

Children are required to wear the following::

  • red jumper/cardigan
  • Year 6 pupils only – plum sweatshirt
  • grey skirt/trousers
  • white polo shirt/blouse
  • Black sturdy shoes – no heals permitted

Also Black plain head scarfs to a shoulder length if necessary.

It is essential that all items of clothing are marked with the child’s name.

Red sweatshirts and white polo shirts, embroidered with the school’s logo, are available from Whittaker’s Schoolwear, Blackburn.


Hair should be tied back and secured with a plain bobble if it is long. No fancy hair accessories should be worn during school time. Hair should not be shaved with fancy patterns or track marks.

Jewellery/ Make-up

Pupils are not allowed to wear jewellery for reasons of safety and security. If earrings are worn they must be of the stud type (long dangling earrings are dangerous in a school situation) and your child must be able to remove/replace them unaided before/after PE lessons. Jewellery is not allowed for the following reasons: Necklaces pose a safety risk as they may catch on other children’s clothes and cause serious injury to the wearer’s neck. Rings may cause injury to other pupils, especially during playground games. Pupils can also get distressed when jewellery or watches are mislaid or go missing.

Make-Up (including nail varnish and nail art) is not permitted in school.